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Date: Tue 26 Jul 2005 - 19:53:25 GMT

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    > Yet it's not all bad. One would hope there's a growing
    > amount of cross-cultural hydrizing going on. The bad
    > stuff seems to happen when each side wishes to stay
    > pure and untainted by the other. Experience the other
    > I say.

    <<Our very own personal characteristics ( cultural/ social/ political/ memetical) are things that we don 't ' possess '_ like memes act on minds, they are things which ' occupy ' us; we are stuck with them, but can 't access the true meaning of things. We can dig for the root, but we ain 't gonna find the whole of the tree!

    Being our own- Self- is rooted, forcefit within culture/ traditions/ ex- periences/ history. But being rooted within doesn't mean we know the meaning of the stuff. What makes us different to/ for others isn 't something we can have a grasp on_ it isn 't clear. We must be ' affected " - being left with a clear distinct ' im- pression '. Within the confrontation with others we can only catch a glimp of how unbearable heavy being my own Self staves in on how I behave/ act/ speak/ etc.

    What gives weight in a sense to the troubles these days, is the way how we try to get immigrants to stuck root overhere. But in the ways we try, we take away their own personal Self ( rooted within a very own particular culture/ tradition/ experience and history). In a sense we take away their unicity in calling them immigrants.

    Arendt explains, ' what unifies people is the SPACE BETWEEN THEM, and not a kind of characteristic within, like some common values/ norms and convictions. Therefor we need to construct a ' public- open- space ', where all don 't defend their very own social/ cultural/ political dispositions. Just within we 're all bound to the same time and space, we have then something in ' common ' what isn 't bound to one neither to the other party. This space catches what in another setting torments us. '

    And if thus this public forum doesn 't work, like it does now, we go on searching for more personal/ private solutions:- fundamentalism/ racism on one side, individualism and narcism on the other.

    Both notions are an expression- side of a ( very) sick ( memetical !?) coin.



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