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Date: Wed 20 Jul 2005 - 14:13:18 GMT

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    >This must tie into the suicide bombers' mentality somewhere along the
    >line. If memetics is true then it must be able to account for what's
    >going on there, which is surely memetic to some extent. Any insights, anyone?

    "Keith Henson has coined the name `memeoids' for `victims that have been taken over by a meme to the extent that their own survival becomes inconsequential ... You see lots of these people on the evening news from such places as Belfast or Beirut'. "

    End notes Second Ed. Selfish Gene.

    "Memeoid" is descriptive, but memetics is small a frame to get to the root of *why* people are susceptible to lethal memes, particularly ones that lead to behavior such as becoming a suicide bomber.

    Understanding *why* takes evolutionary psychology to explain or at least try to explain where humans got these really strange psychological traits.

    I have been ranting about EP, conditional behavioral switches and why humans are susceptible to certain classes of memes at some times and not others for years on this list.

    It's not a comfortable subject.

    Keith Henson

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