Re: Memetic Parasitism

From: Scott Chase (
Date: Wed 20 Jul 2005 - 01:59:58 GMT

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    --- Alan Patrick <> wrote:

    > > I'm not convinced that it's a matter of being
    > parasitic - well only in the
    > > sense that you can't have an
    > objecting-to-Harry-Potter meme-set without
    > > having Harry Potter in the first place.
    > I think I buy your overall explanation here, though
    > I am becoming
    > increasingly intrigued with the idea of memetic
    > parasitism, and maybe
    > symbiotic memes. I don't know of any detailed work
    > in this area, but by
    > empirical observation it seems that religion and
    > politics are very
    > susceptible.
    There's a religious belief system called Wicca that might offend some Christians since it's a throwback
    (or atavism?) to the pre-Christian beliefs of "pagans" or "heathens". Not sure how much trouble Wiccans have with fundies, but it could parallel the opposition to Potter.

    Plus I wonder what parallels there are to the witch hunts and trials (such as in Massachusetts and some parts of Europe I think). Similar mindset? Potter is a fictional warlock, but nonetheless is opposition to his "existence" as a character popular among kids a throwback to the days when people were going after what they thought were real witches among their townsfolk? The modern day witch hunters are tamer in their approach it seems, but the root cause of their opposition could be the same.

    BTW I saw a trailer for the Narnia movie due out at the end of this year. I wonder if it will be as popular as the Potter movies or if it will re-kindle interest in the Narnia book series.

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