A Review of ' The Selfish Meme '

From: Kenneth Van Oost (kennethvanoost@belgacom.net)
Date: Mon 27 Jun 2005 - 19:21:59 GMT

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    I wrote,

    Representation of the thing is schematic, symbolic Objectification is more detailted, more substantial.

    Kate replied on the 6 th. of June,

    " In what way more substantial ? "

    << Dali succeeded to ' load ' daily things like bread/ watches/ telephones with his imagination. In his hands ' everything ' became Dali. He himself formulated this like " I ' ve always been in possession of the ability/ gift to objectify my thoughts in a concrete material way, and in such degree that the objects I point to, become magical. "

    In a way, objectifying representations is like making the sub- conscious conscious. What is unconscious is formless like egg- yolk, and stays without the skills of the hands of the master uneatable. Whithout thus the info where it gets its meaning from a representation is nothing, even for us uncomprehensible. Therefor things like dreams/ free association and automatic writing were important to Dali, but also hallucinations, visions ( NDE) fit right in the context we 're talking about here_ these things surpass the level of normal daily discours. We can 't place, only in a suggestive way, them in an understanable representational system. There is nothing wherein we can fix their/ any meaning_ if there is one_ to.

    It is hard to understand that when we order lobster noone serves us baked telephone !

    Dali tries to give his irrational ideas an objective look_ that is what I got in mind and that is what I try to bring to you_ that although we assign meaning to objects/ words that the representation of those can 't exist without a certain objectification of the stuff. That a guy like Derrida claims that it is a Western misconception that the truth always hides, must hide, itself behind something, that thus an objectification isn 't necessary to get a representation, don 't really borders me ! Derrida would say, the representation is the truth, but than you got a huge problem_ the term in itself rules out a definitive answer. Representation is always like a second hand store_ but that you need a thing like an objectifiacation to buy the stuff, I don 't know ( you didn 't hear it from me !), but that we need a kind of mental activity to get to it, that's for sure!

    Is that thingy, then what I call an objectification, well so be it !



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