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Date: Fri 10 Jun 2005 - 19:00:41 GMT

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    Scott Chase wrote:
    > Has anyone heard of Jesse "The Mind" Shera a well
    > known guru of Library Science from yesteryear that had
    > some notion of social epistemology and some serious
    > opinions on classification? I've been reading some
    > books by him and I've been saying to myself "Man this
    > stuff, though dated, is really relevant to memetics.'
    > I think one of his peeves with the Dewey and Library
    > of Congress systems was that they don't represent
    > knowledge in a natural manner. They pretty much
    > suffice for locating a book, but that's about it. It's
    > something like imposing a unidimensional tag upon a
    > polydimensional object (ie- a book) that has more
    > aspects than can be addressed (pun intended) with
    > these extant classification systems. From what I hear
    > those in the know prefer LC to Dewey.
    > A book tends to be hybrid of multiple thought strands,
    > so how the heck do you adequately represent that with
    > an address label that will reflect its proper place in
    > the natural order of human thought? Should a book on
    > computer software applications for business be placed
    > with the computer books or the business books?

    I am not sure if "social epistemology" was the right term for this. It makes me think of Kuhn's writings or historicist approaches to rationality such as the one here But it is really interesting. Recently I stumbled on a couple of related writings.

    1. The Semantic Web, Syllogism, and Worldview

    Here, the author criticizes the "Semantic Web" project as inadequate and/or misleading, following a similar reasoning.

    2. Ontology is Overrated: Categories, Links, and Tags

    Same author. He criticizes all taxonomies and argues that "There is no shelf." He also give a link to the following:

    3. Metacrap: Putting the torch to seven straw-men of the meta-utopia

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