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    > Anyway you might want to consider the possible
    > divergence between what women think men desire and
    > what men actually desire. When things get out of
    > kilter, the woman might make herself so skinny as to
    > be less attractive to the men who actually prefer more
    > robust appearance (at least more robust than the
    > extremely skinny appearance of someone starving
    > themselves for their self-perceptions).


    I do think that isn 't the case here ! Mens desire for the skinny ones is prompted by their natural evolutionary selected tendency to chase for the fit/ the healthy and for those full of energy. Todays explanation is however influenced by our moral conceptions about these things. We must be fair to say that it is rather the " young ones" that men are after not quite the skinny ones. Young equals fitness/ good health and energetic. But how can you call yourself civilized if men are chasing the young and the restless rather then the skinny and the sick !?

    It is a natural tendency to search for the best possible female to give your sperm to. Although many say men float around and it doesn 't really matter to whom they give their dirt ( females tend to choose more carefully), but I think that isn 't quite true. The todays still existing desire for skinny girls ( thus young ones) is a heritage of our dark past_ young females, even children were the best possible potential partners. Although men have an evolutionary interest to seperate the barren children from adult females, like women have an evolutionary interest to expose their fertility, like girls have one with their infertility.

    But I think that is somewhat changed over the eons. In those years, like Miller says on pg 208 of his book The Mating Mind, men chose young females for their fertility. Each and every sign of youth, like he argues, bigger breastst would be favored by men. It was for men important to have children early in life ( genes want to survive remerber). Women could have thus more children, were more able to care for even more and help was around ( their own (grand)mother. What women think men want is already fixed from the early start of our species. We want them young, fertile, fit, in good shape and full of energy. Women acknowledged these facts and coped with our desires, bigger breasts, like Miller says were one of the results.

    Lucky me!



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