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Date: Sun 29 May 2005 - 20:08:05 GMT

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    ----- Original Message ----- From: Scott Chase <> Words are important, like you say,
    > but I think non-verbal stuff shouldn't be overlooked.
    > Wasn't it Andre Agassi who said something like 'image
    > is everything'? Sure the phrase if I remember it right
    > is verbal, but it's conveying the notion that looks or
    > status cues are important. Status related
    > characteristics like clothes, cars, houses, camera
    > brands, imported dark beers etc. are what people look
    > at, at least if we believe the ads.

    << yes, words are important, but there are cases where they aren 't needed to perform complex and specific activities which for their succes are dependent of keeping out our direct experience.

    We can have experience in catching the ball, but words aren 't necessary to pick one up during a footballmatch. The experience is expressed/ organised non- verbally. Words would make the catch far more difficult, there would be a common agreed upon manner of catching a ball which for the most of us would be implossible to perform. You can 't overcome of how language describes the experience I had of catching the ball. How you will, should catch a ball is fixed by language. There is no other way in how we can explain how you must catch a ball.

    Moreover, even we speak the same language I would have it very difficult to explain to you how I catch a ball, language is inadequate for me letting to express what I felt, how I stood, did I wonder, what kind of thoughts I had,.... People believe the ads just because they ' recognize ' signs, a blond doll on each finger, driving in the meanwhile thru' Monaco in a Rolls Royce doesn 't say anything about the drivers character, but he got our admiration and our jealous looks. He must be rich and he must be happy , the lucky bastard ! But is he !? The signs tell us, he must be !

    And no we wouldn 't buy anything if the ad shows fat people driving a Benz. Mercedes is the mark of the succesful businessman, the manager. Driving one is identifying yourself with the brand of succesful yuppies. We agreed that Mercedes does have that image, we objectified an idea that one German once had.



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