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Date: Sun 29 May 2005 - 19:08:57 GMT

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    > It would be interesting to do some cross cultural
    > comparisons for body ideal norms and if they've
    > changed over the years. It seems that Brazil used to
    > have a tendency towards a "guitar-shaped" figure
    > (smaller breasts, bigger butt) ["Bodies a la carte:
    > passionate for pulchritude, Latin American women are
    > reshaping their form through plastic surgery", _Time
    > International_, 7-9-01, v 158, p 26+], but this has
    > shifted to the Baywatch "hourglass". Plastic surgery
    > seems to be an option to reduce or augment. I wonder
    > how plastic surgery trends have gone in Brazil between
    > breast reduction surgery and breast augmentation
    > surgery over the past 5-10 years.

    << Like I said in my post to Bill there is more to it than just changed ideas about ever changing body shapes ! It is a two way circus, 1_ what men want/ desire is expressed in how women want to look like and 2_ most women end up like Kirstie Alley and are sick about it, moreover they are getting bombarded with the way how men want them all the time.

    But the question must be asked if not all what women are so ashamed about; sensitive over; feel repulsed about and what in many ways is fed by an enormious industry isn 't somehow generated by what men want_ by how men see women ! Beauty equals within our culture ' property ', you can gain it by adding a new set of clothes, you can loose it by aging. Women in particular feel victimized if they pass 50, or loose out their natural beauty by giving birth.
    ( If men consider to get a nosejob the question may be asked not for why they want it but for whom, and that is a complete different pack of dice...)

    All of the above can be avoided if we would stand more openly for the subjective side of the argument. Beauty is more or less a question of taste, an element that belongs to the point of view of the beholder, instead of being a characteristic that can and IS collectively (be) measured / agreed upon. It is like Fisher argued a ' runaway sexual selection " whereby the allmost mythical objectiviness of the woman must logical be followed by an even more desperate try- out of the men to proove they were right all along.

    How hard women ever will try to hide what is naturally theirs, how ever more hard will men penetrate the female body with their horny looks. You can try to hide you 're breasts and waitng for the judge- ment being made. No judgement is however harder to bare than one you can 't do anything about_ breasts belong naturally to women but being judged by everybody and everthing else that they are too small or too big or whatever is looking for trouble.

    The paradox is however that mens objectivity ( their inner self) makes and wants to make ' objects ' of women. Our modern objectified society works in such ways that women are aware of this, wants to cope with the increasing demand to cope with the new reached idealizations that they loose out in the proces their own subjectivity. Not only make men objects of women they themselves become objects of their own. They become for ever more horny containers full of desire for something that will never come or can 't be reached.



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