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Date: Thu 26 May 2005 - 13:49:29 GMT

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    --- Robin Faichney <> wrote:

    > Thursday, May 26, 2005, 1:41:18 PM, Scott wrote:
    > <Book recommendations>
    > Thanks for that.
    > > people engaged in a common activity will collapse
    > upon
    > > each other, neurally speaking. They are almost as
    > one
    > > wrt neural states.
    > Can you give me a reference for this?
    It's what I haphazardly remember from a recent reading of William Benzon's book _Beethoven's Anvil_. He has a pertinent definition of "Ensemble State Collapse" on page 61 of the hardcopy where those engaged in what he calls "musicking" or musical activity have their neural states as a whole collapse into one sort of like a single person. I think he would be the one to ask for explication, because I'll probably botch it up pretty badly. There's some loose ends I need to tie up between some of his concepts (like the persona concept I just had an exchange with him over) before I can
    "get a grip" so to speak.

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