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From: Scott Chase (
Date: Thu 26 May 2005 - 12:41:18 GMT

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    --- Robin Faichney <> wrote:

    > Wednesday, May 25, 2005, 11:19:58 PM, Scott Chase
    > wrote:
    > > --- Robin Faichney <> wrote:
    > >> Hi Scott, not sure about your concept of
    > >> "infocentrism", because,
    > >> though I absolutely agree that context is very
    > often
    > >> neglected, it too
    > >> can be understood in terms of information: it can
    > be
    > >> considered the
    > >> key that decodes the "central" information, be
    > that
    > >> DNA or whatever.
    > >> For instance, Wittgenstein's "language game" is
    > the
    > >> key that unlocks
    > >> the meaning of any utterance.
    > >>
    > >> I have my own take on information, discussed here
    > >> way back but not
    > >> recently. I'll restrain myself to mentioning the
    > >> website for now:
    > >>, where mmmi stands for mind, matter,
    > >> meaning and
    > >> information.
    > >>
    > > Wow! Haven't seen you post here in a LONG time.
    > > Welcome back.
    > Thanks very much. I've been focusing on other things
    > for a couple of
    > years so not only have I not been posting here but
    > I'm generally out of
    > touch with developments in memetics. I've just
    > ordered The Electric
    > Meme but I'm sure there's plenty more I need to
    > read. I'd be
    > interested in people's ideas on what have been the
    > most important
    > publications over, say, the last 2-3 years.
    Kate Distin's book _The Selfish Meme_ is pretty recent and good too. She posts here often. I've had issues with Aunger's book _The Electric Meme_ that I posted about over the past months. There are parts of it still beyond me though. I liked the compilation he helped put together _Darwinizing Culture_, but you might have seen that already, given it's been out for quite some time. Benzon, who also posts here, has a book on music with some memetics thrown in called
    _Beethoven's Anvil_ that's pretty good. He has an idea that people sort of mind meld or couple together that I found interesting, I think along the lines that people engaged in a common activity will collapse upon each other, neurally speaking. They are almost as one wrt neural states.

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