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Date: Mon 23 May 2005 - 19:31:56 GMT

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    ----- Original Message ----- From: Scott Chase <> You wrote, excellent reply by the way....
    > Well since women have been targeted for so long with
    > the fashionn, diet and beauty aid stuff some of them
    > might have developed some counter measures that allow
    > them not to be taken in by the prevailing tendencies
    > towards certain idealizations.

    << First, we must understand that the popularization of the concept could in itself be a red haring. That there is NO male- disorted body problem, yet just another good way of selling books !

    Second, Miller ( The Mating Mind, remerber), even don 't adress that women/ girls are succeptable for disorders like anexoria in order to reach the perfect idealization for/ of their body. 1, he simply forgot, what I doubt 2, it wasn 't part of the setting of his book, what is more likely 3, what I think, anexoria isn 't part of the evolutionary ( sexual) indicators for fitness/ health and energy, and thus the problem isn 't selected to be one of the sexual ' decorations' where women usualy are so proud of !

    Even though it could finally mean that the disorder is ' really ' part of what Ronald Fisher calls the ' runaway sexual selection ', where thus the desire to get slimmer all the time is part of men's evolutionary selected desire for slender females ( by which their desire for youthful looking females is expressed). In the girls mind, men push towards the extreme all the time, so they must follow. Men are never pleased with the way girls look, so they must get slimmer all the time, even to point where is no turning back!

    Men's eveolutionary selected preferences and women evolutionary selected countermeasures to cope with the exponential demands are tricked within a self- contained reinforced circuit_ a positive feedback armsrace. Fisher argues that " if such a proces is started, big effects would be visible and should be noted, and this with an increased speed, untill the evolution becomes so inconvenient that the disadvantages outweight the survivalchances of those involved. "

    But he also says, that the proces can/ will continue unless it can be stopped by (in)direct effects of natural selection itself. What thus means unless NS doesn 't do something about it, girls will get the disorder and will continue to die. But, unless ( and that is my POV) men will continue to behave badly, NS won 't and can 't do anything. Men 's evolutionary selected pre- ferences for even more slender girls won 't/ can 't change overnight_
    ( and their look is getting exponential bombarded all the time by the media) _ and thus anexoria will continue to exist.

    Moreover, ( and here I dare myself on a very dangerous slippery slope), it could be that ( social) extreme tendencies like rape, abuse and pedophillia of and with little girls are in fact mechanisms to drive others towards certain bodily idealizations. Of course, there is no proove and no investigation into the matter but like the increased numbers of reported cases of abuse and rape seem to indicate, men are prefering even still more younger girls, who in their turn act as indicators for fitness/ health and energy_ and then only seen from the POV of the men_ those men ' proove' they are fit, healty and full of energy.Again, if we look at a different marker, the result can change drastically.

    The world is turned upside down that 's for sure.....



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