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Date: Mon 16 May 2005 - 19:37:43 GMT

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    ----- Original Message ----- From: Kate Distin <> You wrote,
    > I agree with you that information can be more or less relevant depending
    > on the circumstances - or to put it another way the memes will be more
    > or less successful in gaining/retaining human attention depending on the
    > context. Also, as you imply, there is a moral element to the choices we
    > make about which information we act on.

    << Oh, but I think that we even not take notice of the moral part of or in our decisions. Most of them are elements of the moment, with no time to think about the consequences.It is something within the moment that makes us wonder, alarms us...something retained within our upper nutshell makes that we become alarmed if the context within something is said or done isn 't the one we can reflect on. If the kid who wants to join the karate- club, wants to know when the lessons about striking down someone will begin, the teachers his nutshell will begin to tremble and will act more " moral " than usual. In a sense, yes, the teachers his memes are succesful and are in a way gained by former applications of the wrong kind and are so retained, re- trieved and represented if needed.

    > I think this ties in with my view that the thing that marks out memes is
    > not how they are replicated (imitation or otherwise) but something about
    > their content.

    << Hm....I would say yes, but I would add something more, their content is important in order to get in one way or another our attention, but also in the way the content is expressed is important. Telling the same story, in ways it becomes a joke, telling it in a furious way, in a rage, really mad or with a soft voice, adding a lot of strong words, swearing, expletive, etc. and you will get different versions of the same kind.

    But what will be remerbered !? What do you remerber !? I would say not the good things, life goes by by the bad, nasty things. Nasty, harmful stuff, stuff that you weeped over, the friend who died, the love lost, the fights, the quarrels about sweet nothings, hard isn 't it to remerber how pleasant it was that walk in the park, barefoot on the roof, that summer in the city, that stairway to heaven !?

    Evolution of life, and thus in a way evolution of culture goes by the sense of Dichotomy where the negative is the motor/ cause to do something positive, to think, to act upon something, to react, come to one solution, to find a concensus, to talk, to discuss, to find piece untill again one grazy, shifted guy drops another bomb....



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