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Date: Thu 05 May 2005 - 14:24:46 GMT

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    > I have a bee in my bonnet about this, since it has
    > previously been wrangled
    > about extensively within the memetics community.
    > See in rough order of
    > publication:
    > 1)
    > 2)
    This was the only one I could access fully at the moment. There were some questions I thought of while reading it, given my own experience with USENET.

    First off again the category of commensalism was excluded, but I'm not sure how important this omission is in this context...

    How isolated are newsgroups from each other? Newsgroups share people in common between them so one could look at migration and "meme flow" (cringe) where perhaps something a person picked up on one newsgroup spills over to their posting behavior on another. An idea may appeal in one ng that they spread to the other ng or posters might have personal histories beyond the ng. In my case, I knew Ted from another
    (unmentionable here) forum, so I knew his views and it spilled over here (sorry). The stuff we share in common from that other forum might influence how we approach certain topics (ie- memory) here. Resonance has many connotations as I have read Lashley's discussion wrt reduplication and I think William Calvin addresses it in his book, but I guess the connotation Ted and I share must not be discussed here.

    And what about usenet phenomena like trolling and sockpuppets? How could these be addressed? Both involve a type of Machiavellian deception, I suppose, since the trolls will predict how the other posters might respond (sometimes cascading into the infamous flamewar) and sockpuppets conceal their identity and do all sorts of interesting stuff that gets other posters lathered up into a mouth foaming frenzy sometimes.

    There's lots of behind the scenes stuff that might influence newsgroups like books read in common or emails between posters not known to the rest of the group.

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