Re: Mutant swarms and copying fidelity

From: Scott Chase (
Date: Thu 05 May 2005 - 03:50:47 GMT

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    --- Scott Chase <> wrote:

    [snip to blunder]
    > One can even conceptualize notions of antigenic
    > shift
    > and drift with an influenza virus, which is not
    > possible for the meme. It's an empty shell of an
    > analogy with nothing analogous to base pairs to go
    > inside or even an "envelope" to surround it.
    Which might have been a really stupid thing to say given that influenza is an RNA virus, so maybe it doesn't double strand and thus pair its bases for the most part. I dunno. Should have said nothing analogous to RNA to go inside and left it at that :-)

    Drats! Pummel away.

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