Re: Emigrant culture change less than parent culture

Date: Thu 28 Apr 2005 - 06:25:52 GMT

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    for any practising memeticist, a case study of the adoption of courriel in France as compared to Quebec or other French speaking areas would be a v. good topic.

    Thanks for the reference,
      Indeed that would be an excellent memetic research topic.
      Just as an illustration of the transmission/replication difficulties of the word "courriel", I just had the experience with the spell checking program supplyed by WANADOO, a large French internet service provider: I typed a message in French in which was using the word "courriel".
      I checked the spelling of my message and "courriel" appeared as a spelling error... Proposed alternatives are "courrier", "courrir".
      I had noticed that anomaly on the AOL spell check program, but I didn't expect much from them in that respect... But from a Large French service provider, that's very bad...
      Yours sincerely.

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