Re: Emigrant culture change less than parent culture

From: Douglas Brooker (
Date: Wed 27 Apr 2005 - 16:49:09 GMT

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    Jean-Olivier Noreau wrote:

    > Now, can anyone tell me why the French use the word "mail" or
    > "e-mail" to describe electronic mail, when the lovely word "courriel"
    > was invented here in Quebec (as a contraption of "courrier
    > électronique") ?

    use of "courriel" is spreading in France. there has been some formal intervention:

    I recall an exchange in the le monde, in late December 2004, on the subject of "courriel", including a letter from a Professor at Laval.

    for any practising memeticist, a case study of the adoption of courriel in France as compared to Quebec or other French speaking areas would be a v. good topic.

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