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Date: Wed 27 Apr 2005 - 09:29:59 GMT

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    There is considerable support for the proposition in Andrew Lord's research and the explosive radiation of non-Episcopalian religious diversity once the basic memesets reached North America. I hope it is being written for publication.

    Andy if you are still on the list why not contact Chris. A paper by Lord and ChrisT on Christianity Redux would have a certain ring to it.

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    Interesting extension. Do you think (and now I'm really waving my hands) that the subdivision of the US might be a parallel of demes in biology in some sense? That fractionation might speed the rate of evolution, by reducing the flow of ideas between those demes (i.e. the barriers of
    'not us'), allowing each to evolve as a smaller population but still receiving a trickle from elsewhere? Somebody good at math should try to apply Wright's FST statistics :D

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