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Date: Sun 24 Apr 2005 - 13:16:54 GMT

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    >> Details, details, great minds working on great
    >> theories don't sweat the
    >> details. As long as it sounds good . . . >
    > If a non-anthropologist were to write a book about
    > anthopology that states that Tasmanians had TV sets
    > but lost these after they migrated to Tasmania from
    > Australia on jet skis (which they also lost in their
    > tool box) or if someone were to discuss an out of
    > America hypothesis that reverses the human trajectory
    > across the land bridge into Asia, Europe and Africa,
    > that would be a howler right?

    I was be satirical in my remarks about details. But I can't help but think that Aunger just didn't care about getting his neuroscience right as long as he could weave an appropriately mystifying web of memetic mumbo-jumbo.

    Bill B

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