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Date: Sat 23 Apr 2005 - 18:09:32 GMT

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    Scott Chase wrote:
    > Aunger does raise some points prior to the parrot
    > example I co-opted without remembering where it came
    > from. He argues in his replicator chapter (where he
    > botches biology again by goofing up on base pairing)
    > for substrate specificity (vs. substrate neutrality)
    > and for structural equivalence (vs. functional
    > equivalence). I'm reminded of Keith Henson's frequent
    > refrain about how a gene can exist in a cell or "on
    > paper" since Aunger addresses this too. I think Aunger
    > is trying to diverge from the standard memetic
    > assumption that memes can be represented as mental
    > states, behaviors and artefacts. If memory serves, he
    > will start arguing for the neuromeme pretty soon,
    > making his preferred memetic substrate quite obvious
    > and putting the challenge to "behaviorists" like
    > Benzon or Gatherer and the substrate neutral folks.
    > Though not predisposed towards Aunger's view I can see
    > where he's going with it anyway...

    The substrate is clearly significant: information will be transmitted more/less effectively depending on the medium in which it's realized; it will also be more/less powerful in exerting its potential effects. But Aunger doesn't convince me that this means the same information (meme) cannnot "really" be realized across different media.


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