Re: Aunger vs. Pinker on Galton

From: Derek Gatherer (
Date: Wed 20 Apr 2005 - 07:15:48 GMT

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    At 00:06 20/04/2005, you wrote:
    >I'd like your's and
    >Chris's input into this. Maybe I didn't dive into
    >cellular biology deep enough where the integral role
    >of ribosomes is unmasked. I always thought that
    >ribosomes were where mRNA is translated into peptides.
    >I pretty sure DNA polymerases play a role in
    >replication, but not ribosomes.

    What does Aunger say about this? Even if he is wrong about the biology, that doesn't necessarily mean that what he has to say about cultural evolution is wrong, only that some other things slipped through the editorial net.

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