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From: Bill Spight (
Date: Fri 15 Apr 2005 - 14:56:07 GMT

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    Dear Derek,

    >> > IIRC, a painting by a mule won a prize in a modern
    >> > art exhibition in
    >> > Paris early in the 20th century. ;-)
    > I think that's an urban myth.

    Well, I read about it several years ago, and have never heard it talked about. If it was an urban myth, it was dead by that time, I think. The name of the painting was given, as well as the year and place of the exhibition. The information was checkable. (That doesn't mean it was true, OC. ;-))

    The painting was supposedly produced by dipping the mule's tail in paint and bringing the canvas to the mule. (You don't want to try it the other way around. ;-))

    A Web search just now turned up references to the "Donkey's Tail" exhibition in Moscow in 1912, a reaction against the decadence of Paris and Munich art. Maybe there is some connection.



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