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From: Scott Chase (
Date: Fri 15 Apr 2005 - 01:47:38 GMT

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    --- Bill Spight <> wrote:

    > Dear Chris,
    > > (btw if a chimp made art is that allowed to be
    > culture rather than
    > > environment under the strict definition..?)
    > IIRC, a painting by a mule won a prize in a modern
    > art exhibition in
    > Paris early in the 20th century. ;-)
    Art is so subjective that the patterns of litter scatter and droppings in a cat's litterbox could win 1st prize in some circles. The cat put as much effort into its creation as some human artist throwing buckets of paint at a wall to see what pattern emerges.

    I think there's a certain beauty to behold in a finished leatherback turtle nest. I'd include the crawl marks up and back to the water too as part of a completed masterpiece.

    Technically true art is a human creation, but some animal works might just squeak by, especially if we're judging by quality ;-)

    When a mule can weld chunks of scrap metal together and stick it out in front of a municipal building, then we can talk mule culture.

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