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Date: Thu 14 Apr 2005 - 20:14:26 GMT

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    Kenneth Van Oost wrote:
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    >>.......when you say that "nearly all" that's in you
    >>came from the outside, would you also say that nevertheless *you* have
    >>responded in an individual way to that input - in a different way, say,
    >>from how another individual in that same environment might have done?
    >>This is a bit of a tangle, of course, because from the moment of
    >>conception you have had environmental input, all of which has cascaded
    >>forwards to influence your responses to future environmental input - but
    >>is there, for you, an essential "you" that also has its input into your
    > Kate, if I may intervene,
    > At least for me there is a ' me'.
    > The ' me ' I am talking about is and has been conditioned by past
    > environmental input ( whatever that might be and taken in its broadest
    > sense) and will be cascaded forward only due to those past ( and
    > present) input and of how I responded to it; although I think that
    > even future, yet to come reality environmental inputs do already
    > exercise influence on the ' me' in the present.
    > The ' me' responded in an individual way to changes, because there
    > is no other ' me ' like me, not genetical nor memetical.
    > Seen from the inside out, I do and I did put the ink in the inkpot in
    > the way I responded to changes !
    > Regards,
    > Kenneth

    I agree totally with you - though I couldn't have put it so well! I was curious whether Chris sees things this way too, or whether for him it really is a tabula rasa - because I was enjoying his boundary-pushing and wondered how far it went.


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