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Date: Thu 14 Apr 2005 - 19:20:24 GMT

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    ----- Original Message ----- From: Scott Chase <> You wrote,
    > Instead of the solipsistic private illusion, I think
    > it's better to think of this in terms of the
    > idealistic shared illusion. The categories of thought
    > we all share due to genetic or cultural inheritance
    > might influence the manner in which we perceive
    > reality.

    Ok, but than a few conditions has to be fullfilled, 1_ we must perceive any sensation in the same way others do, or at least have the notion that we all feel the same. Do we !?

    2_ If we do, than the imprint of it, must have created a likewise grooved landscape in our brains/ minds. Did it !?

    3_ we must pre- suppose that the way of how our brain is conditioned over the eons is for all people the same ( genetical I can agree) but memetical it is deceptive and full of holes. Isn 't it !?

    4_ If we do find that reality is for us all the same and not quite that different, doesn 't that mean that there is mush more to say about it, than of how our brain functions and of how plausible our perceptions of reality are !? Do we not once again look at the sideways !?

    5_ Do people in China, India, Australia, Europe and the US perceive reality in the same manner we all do !? That cultural and genetic inheritance can influence our perception, ok, but we all think that the earth is round, do we not !? In what way can the cultural inheritance of one living in Peking influence the manner in which he perceives that the world is round !? And how does that differ from ours !?



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