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Date: Tue 12 Apr 2005 - 10:52:12 GMT

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    --- Vincent Campbell <> wrote:
    > Ah, of
    > course, virtually all
    > vampires are white aren't they? (OK Wesley Snipes'
    > Blade is black, but he's
    > a hero who takes meds to stop him biting people...;
    > I think they had one
    > black vampire character- who wasn't an extra- in
    > Buffy for a brief time; oh,
    > and didn't Eddie Murphy do a comedy about vampires?)
    And there was the classic blaxploitation movie

    I'll have to check into it further, but I think there's a genre of black horror out there in books and movies. Snoop Dogg starred in a movie called _Bones_, but I don't know much about this movie. Could be a theme that black authors and/or film makers have experimented with. Brandon Massey comes to mind as an author.

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