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Date: Sun 10 Apr 2005 - 00:02:17 GMT

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    > Dear Kenneth,
    > > But what if the individual ( personal) memeset is
    > working totally on its
    > > own, with no outside connection or attachment !?
    > > What then !?
    > Then we do not have memes, because memes are
    > cultural.
    But after the part youu responded to Ketth said:
    > What if collectiviness is just a result of how
    > individual stances were
    > arranged and organized !?
    > Darwinian processes of selection and evolution would
    > be involved,
    > but were to be NOT the motor behind the scheme !?
    Someone could argue that given our limited cognitive resources ideas could compete for space *within* our noggins. I know the shelf space I have is limited and limits how my books will be displayed for my perusal. The time I have to read is limited too. Based on what books I see that catch my eye, I'll need to budget my time accordingly. My processing capacities are limited and memory sux so this will play a role in what ideas in that limited subset of books stick with me over time. Yet external factors influenced the writing, publication and marketing of these books. The bookstore I bought them from might not have them in stock, so my ability to search amazon and other databases plays a role in what I might buy. Some books go out of print so interlibrary loan could be a factor in the cases where they are not available for sale and hard to find, so I can check them out and read them for the limited time of the checkout period allowed by a library system with formulated policies in that regard. Speed reading ain't my strong suit.

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