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Date: Fri 08 Apr 2005 - 18:13:36 GMT

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    ----- Original Message ----- From: Scott Chase <> You wrote, One problem would be how we could ascribe a meme per individual. He also reflects on variations of an internal meme and takes it to its absurd conclusion, which points to a mapping problem. I wonder why we couldn't ascribe more than one copy of the *same* meme to each individual.

    << So, is then in that respect not the ' learning' itself ( in the sense of ' performing ' something not the ' meme ' !?

    Than the problem of ascribing the meme per individual would be solved _ he/ she is learning, but how and where is then the ' contextual ' frame where this specific memeset is due !? How 's that for an answer !?
      Then how do we do quantification? If I'm trying to learn
    > Gatherer's definition of the external meme, what
    > happens each time I read his article in a different
    > setting or say after I've previously read Benzon's
    > article that Gatherer cites?

    There is none ! If learning or reading would be the ' meme ', there would be no difference, it would be * same * meme per individual, only the concept/ context/ environment would be different, but that would then be another ' memepool '....



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