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Date: Fri 08 Apr 2005 - 18:27:59 GMT

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    ----- Original Message ----- From: Scott Chase <> You wrote,
    > What could appear clear cut when comparing
    > performances might turn into a mess when looking at
    > what led to similar behaviors in different people,
    > each carrying a personal history that makes them
    > unique. I don't doubt that stuff is going on in the
    > brain that results in imitated behaviors, but I wonder
    > what's actually going on internally that leads to
    > these behaviors and I'm hesitant to attach a label
    > such as "meme" to it.

    << Each performance of swaying the bat is in its own right, yes indeed, unique, and the behaviors in different people quite the same, but isn 't the overall performance- the way of swaying the bat- not the same !?

    Taking into account the knowledge of your analogy, isn 't the driving for all museumdwellers not the same, even we take every starting point; every bump in the road; any given time into account !? The marker we look at is different, so is the driving than not the performance
    ( the meme) we must look at !? Reaching the museum is then not the ' meme ', the driving to get to it in the first place would be !?



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