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    > Same old same old; movies seemed to have a
    > renaissance about the time
    > that Tarantino started recycling Asian fare; we have
    > another mini-one
    > now with the recycling of deviant Jap stuff and old
    > 70s and 80s horror.
    > This smacks of the same old puctuated pattern with
    > bursts of novelty
    > that wax asymptotic in fairly short order.
    Horror movies seem to wax and wane. We seem to be on an upswing.

    I must say that the British film _28 Days Later_ was pretty good, but it seems to at least converge with Heston's _Omega Man_.

    Contagion movies are pretty popular in themselves. There was _The Andromeda Strain_, _Outbreak_ and recently _Cabin Fever_. With fears of SARS, avian flu and that nasty Marburg virus, these types of movies hit home.
    > Ringu 2 ain't a patch on the first one -- felt very
    > much like a 'hey why
    > did I get off that wave get back on it quick' thing
    > to me. The US
    > versions are as you say poor reflections (in this
    > case).
    The Japanese movie _Ringu_ wasn't a very good reflection of Suzuki's book that I can remember. It has been some time since I watched the movie or read the book, but it always seems that when peoople make movies based on a book they feel compelled to take liberties by adding a little this and subtracting some of that. The Suzuki book goes into detail about the girls mom saving a statue of a Buddhist ascetic from the ocean and I think that part is integral to the storyline. When we get to the American version how are we going to fit some Japanese Buddhist ascetic's statue into the mix? Maybe _Spiral_ adds some twists that complicate matters.

    With the Japanese storyline there was a volcano which was replaced by the lighthouse in the _Ring_ IIRC. I posted on this a while back, but memory fails.
    > An interesting one was 'The Vanishing' where there
    > was a _very_
    > continental-European feel to the original (with a
    > downbeat ending),
    > which was followed by a gung-ho Keifer saves the day
    > mostly by hitting
    > US version. But... it turns out that the same guy
    > directed it!
    Not sure what you're talking about.
    > To make this properly germane, we could consider the
    > 'echoing' of a
    > niche (apparently in this case for a film about a
    > skinny freak down a
    > well); this could be the meme equivalent of the
    > exporting of an
    > ecosystem piecemeal (cf, the mammalisation of Aus/NZ
    > = hey, I saw Akira,
    > what else do you have? Do you have any with less
    > tentacles...)
    Yeah I suppose.

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