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Date: Thu 07 Apr 2005 - 10:49:41 GMT

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            <Are you still watching the American TV show 24? When
    > looking through the DVD's at a local store recently I
    > noticed a show called MI-5 which looks like it could
    > be a Brit version of 24. I could see how the title
    > "MI-5" would give a show a distinctly British flavour.>
            Yes, Day 4 is running on satellite channels at the moment. I wonder if the MI5 show might be a repackaged version of 'Spooks', the BBC's answer to 24? Or is Spooks shown on BBC America? Complete hokum but a tremendous amount of fun. (For those who don't know, MI5 is the domestic spy service in the UK, James Bond belongs to MI6...).

            I see with Day 4 of 24, yet more British actors playing baddies, or possible baddies, including some of those playing the obligatory arab/muslim terrorists. Still, considering the machiavellian behaviour of the staff of CTU as depicted in the show ('OK I will stop those nuclear plants from melting down, but only if you give me promotion!' that kind of thing) nobody is represented that positively.

            Sorry, that's a bit off topic isn't it...


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