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Date: Mon 28 Mar 2005 - 22:54:01 GMT

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    > Scott, Keith,
    > > There's been speculation about antidepressants and
    > > their alleged side effects.
    > > Some news coverage has pointed out the
    > impoverished
    > > conditions at the reservation, but how does this
    > > compare with Littleton, Colorado? Were similar
    > > conditions at play there?
    > >
    > > I wonder what the outcome will be after this
    > tragedy.
    > > It seems the Schiavo case has eclipsed it, but
    > when
    > > will the fingerpointing start? Congressional
    > hearings
    > > on Goth? Music? Movie depicting school violence?
    > But how can you explain the difference between the
    > US and Europe !?
    > Nazism stood at our frontdoor, extreme right- winged
    > groups troughout
    > Europe are messing up things, if I recall a few
    > years back there was a
    > shoot out in a school in Germany, the kid too was
    > fascinated with Hitler,
    > but considering the amount of info avaible and
    > Europe's recent history
    > with nazism, the effect, like in the US are minor,
    > we can even say, not
    > existent.
    > Where is the difference !?
    > Why do kill kids in the US their fellow students,
    > where in Europe where
    > extreme right in really on the move again, we ain't
    > seen anything of the
    > sort !?
    I dunno. This issue is pretty complicated for me, so just looking at the US alone would be quite a chore. A cross cultural comparison would be beyond my present ability. Michael Moore did a comparison between the US and Canada wrt gun violence on "Bowling for Columbine" but I'm not sure that comparison would qualify as scientific.

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