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Date: Mon 28 Mar 2005 - 19:03:05 GMT

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    > Are you saying memes are discourses (sensu Derrida an co). If so I am in
    full agreement.
    > I haven't got round to your book yet, though I confess to using the title
    as a section header in mine (Price and Shaw 1998 p162)
    > and I have just submitted 'The Selfish Signifier' to J Memetics.
    > As a matter of record whoever reviewed our book for Oxford University
    press found 'the selfish meme', and various others which we
    > proposed 'too cute" - that was ca 1996 so the world of academic publishing
    seems to have moved on or the meme meme has mutated
    > sufficiently to invade it.

    Discourses in the sense that memes, at least the ones we ended up with,
    ' hide ' a whole bunch of other ( memes, meaning, performances, etc ). In such a sense, yes memes are ' representations ' of ' discourses ' yet to unfold. In the ways we speak, write, etc..we unfold each time again and again " the hidden discourses " that are behind each meme known to us.



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