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Date: Mon 28 Mar 2005 - 13:07:35 GMT

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    At 04:06 AM 28/03/05 -0800, Scott Chase wrote:

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    > > Another thought would be to try this on current
    > > school 10th grade students,
    > > especially if a bit of study indicated it didn't
    > > hurt the Cubberly
    > > kids. Would the results be different today? I.e.,
    > > was there something
    > > different about these kids born in the middle of the
    > > baby boom era?
    > >
    >I think I asked in a previous post about the ethical
    >considrations of such an experiment. If you were a
    >researcher at a university in a psychology department,
    >would this be the sort of research that would pass
    >ethics review? If you said you were going to go to a
    >high school and subject a class to such a manipulation
    >techniques would they ask: "You're going to do what!?"
    >Would a school board, high school prinicipal or local
    >PTA object to such a thing?

    I read the post where you expressed the concerns about an ethics review.

    That why I specified "especially if a bit of study indicated it didn't hurt the Cubberly kids."

    My expectation (without having done a study of the first group) would be that might make kids who had this experience more resistant to being sucked into harmful social movements, sort of a vaccine.

    But who knows? It might have increased the incidence of baldness or ingrown toenails instead.

    Keith Henson

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