Re: Henson on the Nazi meme

From: Keith Henson (
Date: Sun 27 Mar 2005 - 21:30:41 GMT

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    At 09:07 AM 27/03/05 -0800, Bill wrote:
    >Dear Keith,


    >See also and
    > .
    >Like Lyle Burkhead (the geniebusters guy), I did not think that Ron
    >Jones's account rang true. I think he embellished, to say the least.
    >(Burkhead has some axes to grind, too.) The accounts of students and the
    >reports in the school newspaper help provide some perspective. The whole
    >story, from the classroom to the stage and beyond, looks like it would
    >provide a fascinating --pun not intended-- case study.

    My goodness. He managed to find a contemporary student news paper story that support the account to some fairly fine details.

    >Happy Easter!

    You too Bill


    Keith Henson

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