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    > I think I still *tend* towards seeing them as behavioural, but I'm
    > certainly open to persuasion. I'm actually a bit of a cultural freak
    > when it comes to fashion, as I was brought up in a home where it was
    > just not important. More than that, in fact: not even noticed. Partly
    > this was due to financial constraints, but more significantly the result
    > of parental values. Consequently I just don't get it. My friends buy
    > new clothes and I think things like, "but your old ones aren't worn out
    > yet." So you can see that I'm just not qualified to respond to your
    > suggestion! But I'm still pondering it . . .

    Well here is something to think about,

    Hidden messages behind chique dressbrands, It is all about Extreme- Right winged kids, but I think you will understand.

    The wreath of laurels of the emblem of Fred Perry is for skinheads the symbol of victory. Especially sweathers, T- shirts and polo's are extremely popular. Alpha Industries is a fashion line that designs for the soldiers of the US- army. Neonazi 's do find that the logo of the company resembles that of the SA
    ( Sturm Abteilung, Hitlers strong boys.)

    Consdaple is designed by neonazi's. The group of lettres in the middle points to NSDAP. The word is diverted from the ' constable ', what you all know means ' guardian ' or ' keeper '.

    Even numbers can be seen as holding hidden messages,

    192 stands for ' Hitler is back ' 88 stands for 'Heil Hitler ' 14 stands for ' We must secure the existence of our people and future of our people and a future for white children ' ( David Lane ) 28 stands for ' Blood and Honour '.

    Dresscodes with hidden messages are, White boot- laces stand for ' white power ' White Nike- cap, stands for ' white power ', The combination of a black bomberjack, red braces and white boot- laces stands for the colours of the Nazi flags.

    ( Let me remind you, I am NOT all for this kind of nonsense, it is just an indication of what can be ' said ' without saying anything. )

    But now something more pleasantly,

    Wearing little bracelets can mean something too, Lance Armstrong wears yellow fillits around his wrist, meaning that he is supporting the good cause ( LAF, Lance Armstrong Foundation, cancer). Thierry Henry, ( football) wears black- white fillets to show he is against any form of racism.

    Blue fillets stand for actions against nagging at school. Orange fillets stand for respect towards any other, in spite of one's religion, skincolour etc. Pink stands for support, in the US, of women with brest cancer. White fillets are especially used by US youngsters to show that they don 't believe in sex before marriage.

    Hope you get something out of this,



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