Re: Kate's book/ "recessive memes"

From: Bill Spight (
Date: Thu 24 Mar 2005 - 18:20:11 GMT

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    Dear Kate,

    > I agree with you, by the way, on the dangers of looking for a memetic
    > analogy for every passing genetic detail, and hope I don't fall into
    > this trap too often. I'm interested to hear that my use of the term
    > "recessive" has raised this sort of question-mark for you. I
    > certainly wasn't thinking so precisely in terms of loci and a
    > particular meme *always* being recessive. You have made me wonder
    > whether a different term might have been better - I'll ponder this
    > further.

    As I suggested in my just previous note about roles in interpersonal games, external circumstances may evoke behavior which is unusual for the person and the role or roles they play. It does not take the acquisition of new memes for this to happen. If you want to keep to the genetic analogy, "unexpressed" might fit better than "recessive".



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