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Date: Thu 24 Mar 2005 - 09:14:00 GMT

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    Scott - I really wasn't careful enough with my phraseology here: like Lawrence, I even own the compact OED (and can't even claim not to have done so at the time this was written)! Of course what I had in my head was a picture of the normal-sized text version of the OED - which is not much use to readers with no direct access to the inside of my head . . .


    >When you (on pages 61-2) talk about biological
    >constraints on culture you assert: "...the meme for
    >binding the whole of the Oxford English Dictionary
    >into one huge, unmanageable volume would be doomed to
    >failure because we are not physically large enough to
    >handle it."
    >AFAIK, the Compact OED is such a hopeful monster. See:
    >According to this write-up, this Compact OED is not an
    >abridgement and thankfully comes with magnifying
    >lense. I'd prefer the multi-volume set with regular
    >print size myself, because the print is painfuly tiny
    >for the Compact OED, but it does exist.
    >Apparently the leash on culture is looser than you
    >thought, but one might want to be careful with the
    >Compact OED. If it does get you with the severe eye
    >strain, it might slip from your hand and injure your

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