Kate's book/ Compact OED- a sight for sore eyes

From: Scott Chase (osteopilus@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu 24 Mar 2005 - 07:16:49 GMT

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    When you (on pages 61-2) talk about biological constraints on culture you assert: "...the meme for binding the whole of the Oxford English Dictionary into one huge, unmanageable volume would be doomed to failure because we are not physically large enough to handle it."

    AFAIK, the Compact OED is such a hopeful monster. See:


    According to this write-up, this Compact OED is not an abridgement and thankfully comes with magnifying lense. I'd prefer the multi-volume set with regular print size myself, because the print is painfuly tiny for the Compact OED, but it does exist.

    Apparently the leash on culture is looser than you thought, but one might want to be careful with the Compact OED. If it does get you with the severe eye strain, it might slip from your hand and injure your foot.

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