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From: Bill Spight (
Date: Thu 24 Mar 2005 - 01:20:31 GMT

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    Dear Kate,

    > I certainly think that Blackmore, for example, makes too much of
    > imitation - she seems to *define* it in such a way that it's the only
    > means of memetic transmission, and I don't agree with that.

    Yes. By doing so I think she is true to Dawkins's original idea, but Dawkins admittedly was talking as a layman in social learning.

    > But I do agree with writers like Richard Byrne and Anne Russon, who
    > talk about different levels of imitation, some of which are more
    > complex than others, so I wouldn't dismiss the role of imitation
    > either.

    Oh, no! Probably most social learning is via imitation. Most things are caught, not taught.

    Thanks for addressing my questions. :-)

    Best regards,


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