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Date: Tue 22 Mar 2005 - 01:44:56 GMT

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    Dear Kate,

    > Sorry - I've used the word too many times in that paragraph,
    > referring to different things. My assumption is that the wheel being
    > copied was itself the result of a meme (whether written or held
    > mentally). Then I'm using the word "meme" again to refer to the
    > wheelwright's new representation of the wheel he's copying.
    > It occurs to me that again we may be using vocabulary at slight
    > cross-purposes here. As I've said above, I'm happy for
    > representations to be mental as well as physical (in the form of
    > blueprints or whatever).

    Well, before I contrasted the wheel as the realization of an idea with the blueprint as the representation of an idea. You seemed to agree that the blueprint was a representation, and hence, memetic. Now you talk about mental representations as well. In this case, that gets confused for me with the idea of which the blueprint is a representation. Is the blueprint a representation of a meme (mental representation)? Or is it an alternate representation of the same thing?

    Do you hold that all ideas are mental representations? That there are mental representations for all cultural elements or components? Are we talking about prototypes or schemata? What about sensori-motor schemata?



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