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Date: Fri 18 Mar 2005 - 03:51:43 GMT

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    > hi everyone,
    > i'm new to the meme list and want to introduce
    > myself before i start
    > commenting on the ever so fascinating evolution of
    > homosexual behavior.
    > my name is tara kirkpatrick and i'm currently a
    > phd student at indiana
    > university in the department of criminal justice. i
    > have a master's in
    > physical anthropology, so i have a bit of insight
    > into behavior
    > evolution. i am currently interested in looking at
    > the interaction of
    > memes and the law (not really sure how, but it
    > sounds interesting!)
    Hi. Well there's someone who has posted here named Ray Recchia who is a lawyer, I think. He might have some ideas if he's still on the list.

    J.M. Balkin wrote a book called _Cultural Software_ not too many years ago (1998) and his blurb under his dust jacket pic says: "J.M. Balkin is Knight Professor of Constitutional Law and the First Amendment, as well as director of the Information Society Project at Yale Law School."*

    That's cool, I always liked the unique blend of electronica style hiphop that Information Society put out in the 80's (just kidding ;-)).

    Yes Balkin talks about memes in _Cultural Software_. Can't remember how much he addresses legal stuff. He kinda lost me somewhere towards the middle of the book IIRC. It's been a while. Maybe he's got contact info on Yale's website. According to his book's preface some parts of a couple chapters were previously published in a couple *law review* periodicals. Interesting.

    *- hope this dusk jacket quoting comes under the banner of fair use ;-)

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