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From: Kate Distin (
Date: Mon 14 Mar 2005 - 11:10:41 GMT

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    >I've had a look at your books description on amazon; how does your
    >thoughts regarding memes compare with Aungers i.e., how does your book
    >compare with his book "the electric meme".

    I agree with Aunger that there's a distinction between memes and the mind. I don't know enough about neuroscience to comment on his analysis of brain-based memes. I think he goes too far in his objections to the possibility of replicators being realized in a variety of different media: clearly the choice of medium is significant for memes, but I don't agree that it's *so* significant that replication across media is impossible.

    My own background is essentially in Philosophy, and I'm sure that this has nudged my memetic explorations in a particular direction. I suppose that the biggest similarity between Aunger's book and mine is that both focus on the structure of memes and memetics, rather than on the potential applications of memetics to particular cultural areas.

    Not sure if this answers your question - let me know!


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