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From: Tara M. Kirkpatrick (
Date: Wed 09 Mar 2005 - 15:46:05 GMT

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    hi everyone,

    i'm new to the meme list and want to introduce myself before i start commenting on the ever so fascinating evolution of homosexual behavior.
      my name is tara kirkpatrick and i'm currently a phd student at indiana university in the department of criminal justice. i have a master's in physical anthropology, so i have a bit of insight into behavior evolution. i am currently interested in looking at the interaction of memes and the law (not really sure how, but it sounds interesting!)

    my thoughts on the post below:

    > But the animal should always prefer an opposite sex partner unless the
    > homosexual behavior has some adaptive function other than breeding.
    > This function may be to practice sexual skills without being pregnant,
    > or it may be to form alliances, or whatever.


    in my studies of non-human primate behavior, especially in bonobo chimpanzees, sex is used for conflict resolution and bonding. bonobos have clearly moved past the "sex for reproduction" and have made it an integral part of their social interaction/survival. here's a link to an article in national geographic:

    i look forward to the ongoing discussion! tara

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