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Date: Sun 06 Mar 2005 - 12:37:27 GMT

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    I read the article with interest, but I got a few remarks.

    This may be a cliincher, but smother mothers not the last born with their love and attention !? Ain 't that ' a(ny) ' reason to presuppose that he tends towards homosexuality !? It ain't all part of an urban legend...

    And within the part of the increased number of babies I ain't found what kind of sexe the kids had ! Ain 't that important !? Did the mothers and aunties give birth to more sons or to more baby girl dolls !?

    And I ain 't keen on being PC, so...may we suggest that the mother want to be attractive for men, and in that respect for her own youngest !? Let me explain, if she is attractive for her last born male child wouldn 't that be a reason for grown ups to be interested in her !? If the child finds her attractive, in the nice sense of the word, ( she dresses her right, she wears make- up, ...) wouldn 't that reflect back to older men !? And wouldn 't that in the same token not predisposes her son towards homosexuality !?

    If men are interested in his mother, can the question be asked that he is interested in the men to find out why they are !? At least in my understanding, if you are interested in something, ain 't the way to indulge yourself in the subject !? Just a thought !

    to conclude, if women have to be attractive for men, can it be said that men are being sexual attracted to women and that thus men predispose girls, their daughters, towards the lesbian side of the argument !? If men have something like a hyper- sexual- drive, that causes us to have more sex with ( more than one) women and thus have more offspring, do fathers and uncles of lesbians have on average more children !?

    I find the article; ' men- minded ', it is the female that does all the harm to the boys ! It could by any way be that it has nothing to do with the above, and that thus the trait is just cultural or social....



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