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Date: Sat 26 Feb 2005 - 22:20:11 GMT

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    stunned wrote:
    > My favorite meme has got to be the fish symbol. This is because the fish
    > started off being a purely Christian symbol - a way for Christians to
    > identify themselves to each other through the phone book (and therefore
    > keep business "in the family") without being overtly obvious about it.
    > Then the symbol was hijacked by evolutionists, in the form of the Darwin
    > fish as well as other "gestalts" such as the linux fish (has a shark's
    > fin on it ).
    > I saw a new one yesterday which prompted me to write this - the Gefilte
    > fish - just a normal fish with Gefilte written inside it - obviously for
    > those with a jewish interest....
    > You can also get "alien", "pagan", "buddhist", (though why a buddhist
    > would want such an ego-tag on their car is beyond me - i think the fish
    > designers kinda missed the point there) and "satan" fish - which is
    > supposed to look like it's on fire - but actually just looks like it
    > needs a shave.
    > (ref:
    > Nadine

    In fact, the fish was used as a symbol by ancient Christians. The Greek word for fish--Ichthys in usual translation can be taken as an acronym of the phrase, Jesus Christ, God's Son, Savior. Since a fish can be drawn with two simple arcs, anyone could make one. I think you will see the Greek in some of the fishes on cars.

    I think the fish-symbol revived 20-30 years ago. The Darwin fish is the best variation for me--I dig the legs!


    Gene Doty
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