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Date: Sat 26 Feb 2005 - 21:19:41 GMT

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    My favorite meme has got to be the fish symbol. This is because the fish started off being a purely Christian symbol - a way for Christians to identify themselves to each other through the phone book (and therefore keep business "in the family") without being overtly obvious about it. Then the symbol was hijacked by evolutionists, in the form of the Darwin fish as well as other "gestalts" such as the linux fish (has a shark's fin on it ).

    I saw a new one yesterday which prompted me to write this - the Gefilte fish - just a normal fish with Gefilte written inside it - obviously for those with a jewish interest....

    You can also get "alien", "pagan", "buddhist", (though why a buddhist would want such an ego-tag on their car is beyond me - i think the fish designers kinda missed the point there) and "satan" fish - which is supposed to look like it's on fire - but actually just looks like it needs a shave.


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