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      Homosexual behavior can of course be a side effect of heterosexual behavior when an opposite-sex partner is not available. But the animal should always prefer an opposite sex partner unless the homosexual behavior has some adaptive function other than breeding. This function may be to practice sexual skills without being pregnant, or it may be to form alliances, or whatever.

      _Yes, Japanese scientists found homosexual penguins in zoo's and aquaria in Tokio.
      The behavior of the male population seem to be introduced by the lack of females.
      The investigation of the Japanese group brought up 20 homosexual paires in 16 different
      locations around Tokio.
      They concluded that the animals searched for sexual contact by their own gender because
      finding suitable females was a hard job to do.
      The scientists stress yet their findings by saying that it isn 't clear that homosexual behavior
      is more common by animals in captivity or less in nature.

      Now they conduct a survey to find out, by introducing more females within the group if
      the specific behavior will stand the test of time or will disappear.

      _ Four penguins from Sweden have been giving the hard job to seduce the Humboltpen-
      guins of the zoo of Bremershaven. Just after a recent (sic) DNA search, the directorboard
      found out that 3 of the 5 pairs were homosexual.
      Specialists however found that homosexual pairs in the animalworld aren' t that easy to
      seperate. For cases like these, a precautionary measure have been taken, from Sweden
      also 2 more male animals were introduced so that all females got their choise to pick.
      But the zoo of Bremershaven isn 't that great in doing its job, Kralli was for years the
      public number one and was male until the day " he " lag an egg..... (sic(k))
      Kralli tendency for younger partners was the cause for many quarrels around the bend.



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