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Date: Sat 26 Feb 2005 - 16:15:20 GMT

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    > In fact, we have *specific* mechanisms, capture-bonding, that bonds newly
    > captured tribe members (usually women) into the tribe. That's the
    > mechanism activated in army basic training.


    Maybe this is so in yet, primitive or religious mids, but I think the next remark will point out my stand on this on.

    That the Stockholm- syndrom is a fact I don 't doubt it; that abused woman still stand by their man I found it strange but I understand the underlying mechanism but atleast in our Western world the picture should be different.

    Woman have now, more that ever, ways to escape any ' bonding ' ! Todays, modern woman stand on their own two feet, and find the presence of a man, difficult to bare in some cases. Do possess those woman, or others for that fact, still that mechanism or is that reduced in importance now that woman emancipate all the time !?

    Our laws about equality between man and woman forbid, atleast in theory, any ' bonding ' between the sexes, so that one is dominant over the other. I understand that marriage can been seen as a kind of permanent bonding of the woman, or man...but I don 't think this is quite the same or is it !? The todays position of woman within our modern society undermines the importance/ the working capacity of such a ' bonding- mechanism '.

    Any thoughts !?



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