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Date: Thu 24 Feb 2005 - 20:47:10 GMT

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      From: Agner Fog
      The species that have the strongest altruism, i.e. social insects and naked mole rat, are ferociously keeping foreign intruders out. This is necessary for group selection to work.


      I posted a while ago something called " Total altruism is a myth ", didn 't you read it !?

      But to the point now, the above seem right to me, but isn 't the notion that the intruders

      want to get in in the first of no importance why social animals like ourselves have strong

      altruism feelings and go by the book of group selection !?

      We look at group selection as being the marker, but we forget to imply a greater theore-

      tical model wherein both stories have their own righteous place !

      It not so that the mole developed group selection for reasons of survival that the causes

      are of no importance ! It is important to know if climate changes and / or environmental

      disfunctions are at the root of the evolutionary path...



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