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Date: Wed 23 Feb 2005 - 20:11:15 GMT

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    Patrick wrote,
    > >> I have to be extremely careful in responding to these questions. Being
    > >> politically incorrect is not safe in this world.
    > > heck, publish and be did the PC memeset come about d'you
    > > think?

    but the PC meme/s itself undermines IMO one of Western society own fundamentals, namely_ the freedom of speech ! PC or not, how far can you go !? Is the next line out of order !?

    Is insulting Muslims granted !? Where does it end !? After the murder on T. Van Gogh ( Holland) the Minister of Integration answers the question what her opinion is about the burning down of mosks :- " Terrible, but we shouldn 't forget a murder has been committed ! "

    And that should be worse or what !? In other words:- " they " have done a far greater evil_ " they " murdered one of us ! Should we now in the name of the PC- ness shut up !? Does being PC mean a restriction of our civil rights !?

    But what does the battle for our freedom of speech mean if you don 't consider the moral background of it all !? There is no right to get freedom of speech if you don 't treat others with respect and his/ her ( human) dignity. Those are human values which condition free speech.

    You can be PC to the bone, and you can see to it that people are too, but what is the point if the half of the population consider itself racistic and xenofobic !?



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